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Pump Station 77 A/B Force Main Inspection
An inspection of the force main was conducted in 2001 (Pump Station 77 Force Main Corrosion Investigation) (Permit Number 40-0751). MND No. 40-01148 was prepared by the City of San Diego Development Services Department for impacts associated with twelve excavation sites and twenty-two vacuum station sites that were required to complete the investigation. The current project proposes excavation of test pits directly over the force main in order to implement the recommendations made in the 2001 report. The test pits would be used to identify force main conditions that may lead to liner failure, pipe leakage, interruption of service, and force main failures. The assessment would repeat the efforts made in 2001 and would consist of excavating the pipe at nine locations and would conduct B-Scan ultrasonic testing which would determine the wall thickness of the pipe. The external surface of the pipe would also be inspected to determine the presence of external pitting. Each site would then be backfilled, restored to original grade, and revegetated with native species. Since none of the activities require the force main to be out of service, normal operational procedures would not be impacted. The Project is expected to last 2-3 months.
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City of San Diego Pump Station 77 A/B Force Main Inspection
City of San Diego Pump Station 77 - Forcemain Inspection