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Rocha Special Permit
A Special Permit for timber harvesting of 1.7 acres of a 3-acre parcel under a "Less than 3-Acre Conversion" Exemption on file with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The exemption area consists mainly of mature second growth redwood and scattered spruce. Approximately 105 trees will be removed, with the majority of the trees ranging from 20" to 40" dbh. Two streams running through the parcel will be flagged with 50' or 100' no-cut zones. A permanent 18" culvert will be placed in the stream at the western portion of the parcel. The conversion will allow for removal of potentially dangerous hazard trees around the structures on the subject and adjacent parcels, and will expand the lawn and garden area.
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Humboldt County Rocha Special Permit
Humboldt County Rocha Special Permit