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Black Material/Blake Court Cleanup Project
The project includes remediation of subsurface soils and waste materials from an area east of Rose Drive and north of Blake Court, the removal of waste from the Blake Court area. The project also includes the adoption of the Draft Remedial Action Plan (RAP), which includes the Black Material/Blake Court area cleanup. In addition, The RAP addresses the installation of a soil-gas monitoring well in the Study Area Operable Unit and the ongoing monitoring of existing wells. The remediation activities east of Rose Drive would include the stabilization and excavation of waste material, historically labeled as "Black Material", which is a viscous (semi-solid) waste containing chromium, lead, gasoline, oil, furans, and dioxins. Excavated treated waste would be loaded into trucks for transportation off-site to permitted landfill facilities. The excavation area would be backfilled as necessary. Two homes would be demolished prior to remediation activities; these homes would be constructed following completion of remedation. For the area directly beneath Blake Court and a portion of parcel "C-1", remediation activities would include excavating an removing the soil and waste materials and backfilling the area as necessary.
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City of Benicia Rose Drive Cleanup and Development Agreement
City of Benicia Black Material/Blake Court Cleanup Project
City of Benicia Rose Drive Cleanup and Development Agreement