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Arnold Heights School Demolition
The proposed project involves the demolition, recycling and removal of structures of the former Arnold Heights School site. Structures to be removed include nine one-story stucco buildings on approximately 13.9 acres, associated parking lot, underground infrastructure, asphalt play areas, and landscaping. The buildings include a multi-purpose building (auditorium, cafeteria, and staff lounge), the main office, six classroom buildings (Buildings A through F), and a storage building (Building G). The total square footage of the buildings is 28,723 square feet, with individual buildings ranging in size from 873 square feet to 8,350 square feet. The proposed project site is located north of Van Buren Boulevard and west of the I-215 Freeway, at 15801 Harmon Street in Riverside, within the jurisdiction of the March Joint Powers Authority (March JPA). The Moreno Valley Unified School District desired to locate a new school in an area closer to the center of the student population. On December 31, 2007 the School District ceased operation and abandoned the Arnold Heights School as a public school providing District-wide special education services. A Cooperative Agreement was established among the JPA, the Moreno Valley Unified School District, and LNR Riverside, LLC regarding disposition of the Arnold Heights School on January 17, 2007. Per the Cooperative Agreement, the District would abandon the use of the subject property on December 31, 2007 and convey its interest to the U.S. Air Force with the approval of the U.S. Department of Education. The property was included in the March JPA's Economic Development Conveyance through its purchase by LNR Riverside II, LLC and March JPA on November 19, 2007. The environmental document for the project is tiered off of the Master EIR as is permitted by CEQA. As such, all mitigation measures from the Master EIR apply to this project and are binding on the March JPA. This project is consistent with the Master EIR and the General Plan of the JPA and would not result in any impacts greater than those analyzed in the Master EIR. Although the Master EIR was certified in 1999, and pursuant to PRC Section 21157.6, the JPA finds that the conclusions in the Master EIR are still valid and that no significant new facts or changes in circumstances have occurred since the EIR was certified.
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March Joint Powers Authority General Plan of the March Joint Powers Authority
March Joint Powers Authority Arnold Heights School Demolition
March Joint Powers Authority General Plan of the March Joint Powers Authority
March Joint Powers Authority General Plan of the March Joint Powers Authority