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Orchid at Schaefer Ranch
On June 21, 2016, the City of Dublin City Council approved an application from Schaefer Ranch Holdings LLC (Discovery Builders) for a Planned Development Zoning with a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Development Plan. The application also included a General Plan Amendment, a Site Development Review Permit and Vesting Tentative Map for the proposed homes on the 18 lots. A CEQA Addendum was prepared for this project described above and for a 1.14 acre area at the end of Ridgeline Place contemplated for a fturue General Plan Amendment. The approved General Plan Amendment changed the land use designation and zoning of 17.30 acres designated as Estate Residential and originally approved for 6 residential estate lots and common areas, to 7.04 acres designated as Single-Family Residential for 18 single-family detached homes and 10.26 acres designated as Open Space. This proposal results in a total of 418 homes (a net increase of 12 incomes) which is below the 474 homes originally anticipated within the Schaefer Ranch project.
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City of Dublin Schaefer Ranch Unit 3
City of Dublin Orchid at Schaefer Ranch
City of Dublin Orchid at Schaefer Ranch
City of Dublin Orchid at Schaefer Ranch