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Salt Creek Ranch
CDFG is intending to execute a SAA #R5-201-0393 pursuant to Section 1603 of the Fish and Game Code to the project applicant, McMillin Rolling Hills Ranch, LLC. The applicant proposes to alter the streambed to construct the 607-acre Rolling Hills Ranch Subarea III planned community consisting of neighborhoods 9-12. The project is located in the eastern portion of the City of Chula Vista, San Diego County. Otay Water District lands lie to the west of the project site while urban develpopment and the Upper Otay Reservoir lie to the south, with undeveloped lands to the north, and east.
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4 documents in project

Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Chula Vista Salt Creek Ranch Sectional Planning Area Plan
City of Chula Vista Salt Creek Ranch
City of Chula Vista Neighborhood (phases) Nos. 1, 7a, 7b, and 8 of the Rolling Hills Ranch developement (SAA No. 5-059-00)
City of Chula Vista Salt Creek Ranch