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Rodeo Redevelopment Project Area
The proposed project involves amending the Redevelopment Plan for the Rodeo Redevelopment Project Area, extending the deadline to commence eminent domain proceedings by twelve years. The Rodeo Redevelopment Plan was adopted by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors on July 10, 1990 by Ordinance No. 90-50. The plan was subsequently amended in 1994 and again in 1999. The California Community Redevelopment Law, which governs the adoption and implementation of redevelopment plans, provides that the authority of a redevelopment agency to employ eminent domain to acquire property in a redevelopment project area expires twelve years after adoption of the redevelopment plan or the last amendment to the plan reestablishing the eminent domain authority. The Redevelopment Agency's eminent domain authority expires July 10, 2002.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Contra Costa County Third Amendment to the Rodeo Redevelopment Plan County File CR 02-26
Contra Costa County Rodeo Redevelopment Project Area
Contra Costa County Rodeo Redevelopment Project Area