California High Speed Rail Project: San Francisco to San Jose Project Section

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SCH Number
Lead Agency
High Speed Rail Authority, California (California High Speed Rail Authority)
Document Title
California High Speed Rail Project: San Francisco to San Jose Project Section
Document Type
EIR - Draft EIR
Project Applicant
California High-Speed Rail
Present Land Use
Predominately urbanized consisting of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and transportation use

Document Description
A Statewide Program (Tier 1) Environmental Impact Report (EIR)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was completed in November 2005 as the first phase of a tiered environmental review process for the proposed California High-Speed Rail (HSR) System planned to provide a reliable high-speed electric-powered rail system that links the major metropolitan areas of the state and that delivers predictable and consistent travel times. A further objective is to provide an interface with commercial airports, mass transit, and the highway network and to relieve capacity constraints of the existing transportation system as intercity travel demand in California increases, in a manner sensitive to and protective of California's unique natural resources. A second program-level (Tier 1) EIR/EIS was completed in 2008 focusing on the connection between the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley; the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) revised this document under the California Environmental Quality Act and completed it in 2012. Based on the program-level EIR/EISs, the Authority selected preferred corridors and station locations to advance for further study. The San Francisco to San Jose Project Section EIR/EIS is a project-level (Tier 2) EIR/EIS that tiers off the program-level (Tier 1) EIR/EIS documents. It provides project-level information for decision making on this portion of the HSR system. See NOC for full document description.

Contact Information
Mark A. McLoughlin
California High-Speed Rail Authority
770 L Street, Suite 620 MS-1
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone : (916) 403-6934


San Francisco San Mateo Santa Clara
Total Acres
Approx. 49 miles
Parcel #
State Highways
Caltrain, UPRR, BART, VTA
Other Location Info
Township, Range, Section: Various

Notice of Completion

Review Period Start
Review Period End
Development Type
Transportation (Rail (High Speed Train))
Local Action
Public Works
Project Issues
Aesthetic/Visual Air Quality Archaeologic-Historic Biological Resources Coastal Zone Drainage/Absorption Economics/Jobs Fiscal Impacts Flood Plain/Flooding Forest Land/Fire Hazard Geologic/Seismic Minerals Noise Population/Housing Balance Public Services Recreation/Parks Schools/Universities Sewer Capacity Soil Erosion/Compaction/Grading Solid Waste Toxic/Hazardous Traffic/Circulation Vegetation Water Quality Water Supply Wetland/Riparian Growth Inducing Land Use Cumulative Effects EMF/EMI, Vibration, Safety & Security
Reviewing Agencies
California Air Resources Board California Coastal Commission California Department of Conservation California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection California Department of Parks and Recreation California Department of Transportation, District 4 California Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics California Department of Water Resources California Governor's Office of Emergency Services California Highway Patrol California Native American Heritage Commission California Natural Resources Agency California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Region 2 California State Lands Commission Department of Toxic Substances Control Office of Historic Preservation San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Quality California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region 3 California Public Utilities Commission


Environmental Document
_Memo   PDF 1188 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-00_Cover_Volume_1   PDF 912 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-01_Title_Page_Volume_1   PDF 103 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-02_Signature_Page_Volume_1   PDF 138 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-03_Fact_Sheet   PDF 559 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-04_Preface   PDF 190 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-05_Table_of_Contents_Volume_1   PDF 383 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-06_Summary   PDF 1379 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-07_CH_1_Purpose_Need_Objectives   PDF 2217 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-08_CH_2_Alternatives   PDF 14007 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-09_CH_3   PDF 498 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-10_CH_3   PDF 34349 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-11_CH_3   PDF 3458 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-12_CH_3   PDF 16611 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-13_CH_3   PDF 1936 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-14_CH_3   PDF 9374 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-15_CH_3   PDF 2519 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-16_CH_3   PDF 19025 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-17_CH_3   PDF 5256 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-18_CH_3   PDF 2721 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-19_CH_3   PDF 10593 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-20_CH_3   PDF 3100 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-21_CH_3   PDF 23598 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-22_CH_3   PDF 7272 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-23_CH_3   PDF 13104 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-24_CH_3   PDF 1740 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-25_CH_3   PDF 557 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-26_CH_3   PDF 941 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-27_CH_3   PDF 379 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-28_CH_4_Section_4f-6f   PDF 39062 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-29_CH_5_Environmental_Justice   PDF 25463 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-30_CH_6_Project_Costs_and_Operations   PDF 215 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-31_CH_7_Other_CEQA_NEPA_Considerations   PDF 164 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-32_CH_8_Preferred_Alternative   PDF 707 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-33_CH_9_Public_and_Agency_Involvement   PDF 447 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-34_CH_10_Distribution_List   PDF 279 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-35_CH_11_List_Preparers   PDF 247 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-36_CH_12_References   PDF 1117 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-37_CH_13_Glossary   PDF 356 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-38_CH_14_Index   PDF 494 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V1-39_CH_15_Acronyms_and_Abbreviations   PDF 249 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-00_Cover_Volume_2   PDF 918 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-01_Title_Page_Volume_2   PDF 130 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-02_Table_of_Contents_Volume_2   PDF 168 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-03_APP_2-A_Roadway_Crossings_Modifications_Closures   PDF 282 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-04_APP_2-B_Railroad_Crossings   PDF 225 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-05_APP_2-C_Operations_Service_Plan_Summary   PDF 2686 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-06_APP_2-D_Applicable_Design_Standards   PDF 1310 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-07_APP_2-E_Project_Impact_Avoidance_Minimization_Features   PDF 509 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-08_APP_2-F_Summary_Requirements_Operations_Maintenance_Facilities   PDF 3169 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-09_APP_2-G_Emergency_Safety_Plans   PDF 14191 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_01_Appendix_A_B_C   PDF 4632 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_02_Appendix_D_and_D   PDF 4726 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_03_Appendix_D   PDF 3499 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_04_Appendix_D   PDF 33735 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_05_Appendix_D   PDF 35709 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_06_Appendix_D   PDF 8434 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_07_Appendix_D   PDF 37316 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_08_Appendix_D   PDF 27450 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_09_Appendix_D   PDF 24211 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_10_Appendix_D   PDF 27934 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_11_Appendix_D   PDF 30445 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_12_Appendix_D   PDF 30226 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_13_Appendix_D   PDF 9508 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-10_APP_2-H_Constructability_Assessment_Report_14_Appendix_E   PDF 240 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-11_APP_2-I_Regional_Local_Plans_Policies   PDF 2332 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-12_APP_2-J_Policy_Consistency_Analysis   PDF 433 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-13_APP_3   PDF 32404 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-14_APP_3   PDF 331 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-15_APP_3   PDF 5830 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-16_APP_3   PDF 1436 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 1400 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 504 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 426 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 25466 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 783 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 537 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 251 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-17_APP_3   PDF 655 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-18_APP_3   PDF 558 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-19_APP_3   PDF 215 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-20_APP_3   PDF 1837 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-20_APP_3   PDF 6441 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-20_APP_3   PDF 11820 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-20_APP_3   PDF 13788 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-21_APP_3   PDF 791 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-22_APP_3   PDF 29115 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-23_APP_3   PDF 460 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-24_APP_3   PDF 175 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-25_APP_3   PDF 237 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-26_APP_3   PDF 463 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-27_APP_3   PDF 344 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-28_APP_3   PDF 144 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-29_APP_3   PDF 11586 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-30_APP_3   PDF 26166 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-31_APP_3   PDF 366 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-32_APP_3   PDF 493 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-33_APP_3   PDF 1956 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-34_APP_3   PDF 1197 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-35_APP_3   PDF 1834 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-36_APP_3   PDF 359 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-37_APP_3   PDF 401 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-38_APP_3   PDF 11373 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-39_APP_3   PDF 1028 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-40_APP_3   PDF 1760 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-41_APP_3   PDF 1138 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-42_APP_3   PDF 388 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-43_APP_5-A_EJ_Engagement_Summary_Report_01   PDF 1749 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-43_APP_5-A_EJ_Engagement_Summary_Report_02_Appendix_A_EJ_Outreach_Plan   PDF 1110 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-43_APP_5-A_EJ_Engagement_Summary_Report_03_Appendix_B_List_Outreach_Meetings   PDF 637 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-43_APP_5-A_EJ_Engagement_Summary_Report_04_Appendix_C_Biannual_EJ_Outreach_Reports   PDF 1085 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-44_APP_6-A_Capital_Cost_Estimate_Report   PDF 1740 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-45_APP_6-B_Operating_Maintenance_Cost   PDF 567 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V2-46_APP_9-A_Public_Agency_Meetings   PDF 663 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-00_Cover_Volume_3   PDF 280 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-01_Title_Page_Volume_3   PDF 133 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-02_Volume_3_General_Information   PDF 28781 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-03_PEPD_Alternative_A_Book_A1_Composite_Plan_Profile_Typical_Sections   PDF 32080 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-04_PEPD_Alternative_A_Book_A2_Composite_Plan_Profile_Typical_Sections   PDF 34865 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-05_Alternative_A_Book_A3_Stations   PDF 30658 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-06_PEPD_Alternative_A_Book_A4_Structures_Roadway_LMF_Alignment_Data_Table   PDF 35495 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-07_PEPD_Alternative_B_Book_B1_Composite_Plan_Profile_Typical_Sections   PDF 34878 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-08_PEPD_Alternative_B_Book_B2_Composite_Plan_Profiled_Typical_Sections   PDF 31078 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-09_PEPD_Alternative_B_Book_B3_Stations_Structures_Roadway   PDF 32472 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-10_PEPD_Alternative_B_Book_B4_LMF_Alignment_Data_Table   PDF 26187 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-11_PEPD_Alternative_B_Book_B5_Viaduct_I-880_Composite_Plans   PDF 32584 K Draft_EIRS_FJ_V3-12_PEPD_Alternative_B_Book_B6_Viaduct_Scott_Blvd_Composite_Plans   PDF 35700 K Public Notice   PDF 930 K
NOC   PDF 3122 K
State Comments
2016052019_CDFW Comment   PDF 353 K 2016052019_PUC Comment   PDF 296 K

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